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I am making a chile rellenos bake in the oven and it calls for evaporated milk for the batter of eggs and flour. Can I use regular milk instead?

12 May 2006 While the original evaporated milk was made from whole milk , it also comes in nonfat and low fat varieties. It is sometimes used in baking ,

Remember to follow baking instructions before consuming. Tips from Very Best Baking Kitchen. Click here to find out why CARNATION Evaporated Milk is The

24 Nov 2007 Can I subtitute milk for evaporated milk for baking a pumpkin pie Regular Milk is not quite the same as Evaporated Milk . Evaporated Milk has

8 Jun 2007 I'm out of milk (and most everything else) and I am unable to go to Use the instructions on the can for how much water you need to dilute it

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