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1/1/1970 The New American Bible (With the Revised Book of Psalms and the Revised New Shepherd Leadership: Wisdom for Leaders from Psalm 23 by Blaine . I have The New American Bible * Catholic World Press* Red Letter Edition,

In the original version of the canon (the Catholic Bible ) the psalms were from the canon Luther chose, so sometimes it's referred to as Psalm 23 .

Hear the Bible come alive through song. Psalm 23 with King James Bible lyrics and Commentary Catholic Encyclopedia -

1 [ Psalm 23 ] God's loving care for the psalmist is portrayed under the figures of a New American Bible United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

Psalm 23 From The King James Bible . The 23rd Psalm The Lord is my Shepherd. The Shepherd Psalm . Psalm 23 . From The King James Bible

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