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Imperial Stout. 10-11 pounds amber malt extract .5 pound chocolate malt specialty grain .5 pound Roasted Barley malt specialty grain

Made from mostly Great Western 2-Row with some crystal malt added for a nice amber color and some extra sweetness in the finished beer. Makes a nice amber

Amber Malt Extract is produced by mashing finely ground malted barley and crystal malt with water at a temperature not exceeding 75C, then filtering and

15 Jul 2009 Chocolate malt is similar to pale and amber malts but kilned at even . used in the mash, however, is diastatic malt extract or DME.

Shopping Options. Category. Malt Syrup (16); Dry Malt Extract (10). Extract Color. Extra Light (3); Light (4); Amber (4); Dark (3); Wheat (3). Extract Type

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